Reauest For Support [Kennybam]

22, Ilupeju close,
22nd January, 2017.

          Dear Sir/Ma/Miss,
            The purpose of writing this letter is to support me financially on my planning project (Computer Business Center).
          My name is Bamidele Emmanuel Kehinde. A computer literate that study the course on Desktop publishing, Graphic design and Web design for 1 year and 6 month at Kreative computer institute with a qualified certificate.
          Further more, with my little knowledge and experience, I was able to create a website (
          Moreover, a computer business is not what someone can do on its own without seeking the assistance of others because it is a big task and it worth a huge amount of money which I can’t afford including my parent which serves as my purpose of writing this letter to you.
          Sir, I need your support both financially and materially, I also need your prayer because “a prayer is the key to success” which serves as my watchword.
          My main purpose of setting up this business is to make the aspect of learning easier and to qualify for a position related to my field of a specialization which will not serve only as a career growth but also as a challenge to my profession.
          In conclusion, I promise to be focused, determined and not to disappoint you.
          I will be very happy if my request is granted and I would be happy and curios to hear from you a good reply.
          Thank you and God bless.
Yours faithfully,
Bamidele Emmanuel Kehinde.
08068724282, 09071692695

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