Gospel: No Not One ~Wisdomwonderful feat Minister Daniel Saint

No Not One is another single dropped by Wisdomwonderful feature Minister Daniel Saint Mixed and Master by ~ "Fred B"after the successful of my two tracks (Chisom and Have Faith)
No Not One is an inspirational song written out of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
Going through so many things on earth God still stand by me, even when everyone turn their back against me He still waited and conforted me till date. He showed me so many things just to convince me and make me pass this message to you guys that there is NO NOT ONE like HIM.
Who has walked upon the sea before No Not One
Who has created a being and gave it a natural life? No Not One except God
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God bless you all
Looking at the situation of the world now No Not One can help except Jesus Christ the Son of God. The Bible made us to understand that He is the "way" the "truth" and the "life". This three things made me to know that without him we can't make heaven because He is the way,  without him we can't know the truth about life. We need him to know the truth about things around us including the Bible because "We Perish because we lack knowledge" (Hosea 4). We also need him to have life
We need to live a fruitful life for we to enjoy this life we need him.
This made me to conclude there is no one like Jesus, he walked upon the sea, he gives breath of life and the greatest of all He died for us.
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