[Hip Hop] Luku’Tafa – I Believe (Pro. by Mikoka mix)

Lukutafa A.k.A Maloxman out of the norm,unique and narrative singer comes again with this encouraging song,“i Believe”,produced and mixed by Mikoka mix. It’s not just a song,until you hear it that you get what I mean. You can follow on instagram as Lukutafa,facebook as Lukmon Abiodun.
“For that one person that believes in you don’t give up. Growing up in whatever takes time and success isn’t acquire by wish calls. Lukutafa”, out of the norm composes this song,”i believe” to remind you that your Faith is very important, don’t neglect it.
I belive is not just a song, it’s an anthem,it’s a prayer,its rave,until you hear it,then you wil understand the real deal.DOWNLOAD | STREEM ON-LINE | COMMENT | LIKE | TAG | ENJOY | SHAREDOWNLOAD MUSIC HERE

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