[Music] Hallelujah | @ Israel Christopher

Hallelluyah Jesus changed my story
gave me joy and blessings and his great wisdom
Now my bank account dey make me smile oh
Because of this blessings wey Jesus gave to me
All glory majesty and power be ascribed to you lord for giving me victory

Verse one:
Everything don change oh
And I've got a better story to tell the world
I can't hold it
It's like a river of joy
Flowing flowing
Out of me
Count your blessings name them one by one
And you'll see what the lord has done
You're gonna dance.....9× oh
Oh what a blessing
That could make me dance
Oh what a blessing that could change my steps
I've got a reason to smile again
And I say to yesterday
God has been good


Verse two:
Come test and see
That my God is good
He is gonna change your
Sorrows them into joy
He picked me from
The Mari clay
Put me on the solid Rock
Christ the solid Rock
Oya follow me follow follow me follow me
Let me show you that my God is good good
On christ the solid rock
I stand ooooh....
The gift of my God do
Maketh riches and addeth no sorrows on to it
His yes is yes
His no is no
And no other force can challenge......


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