The open secrete of this artist "Gbee"will shock you!

The distinct afro hip hop artiste Gbee (thunder rapper). A rapper & chorus singer has been in contemplate with what people are saying on his Instagram handle & on other social media platform.
Since 2010, he has has been doing good in the industry.
He claimed that he always gat Seriki (Omo owo) voice in him, after the successful of his list hit single, titled “Liquid Love”

Where He decided to draw his fans attention closer with the new street popular gbedu trend (shaku shaku).
The word “Liquid Love” in this song means “ Fake friend”  as we all have that fake lover showing fake love to us.
Now Gbee has been thinking of making something blast on the street banger "JAAPA"
Cause some of his fans are complaining on IG that they can't wait to hear his Melodious JAAPA version
Meanwhile some are complaining that he should be calm since the Liquid Love is still burning 🔥 the street and Kudos was been given by many fans.
Now thunder rapper, has been confused but trust him, he's always invincible and firm to be defeated. He always pleases his fans. Some people complained about his rhyms that is very haphazard while some happily see him as  handyman on the mic even on a stage while performing, very definitive.
... But what he said in conclusion is that, he's gonna visit different kinds of mountain for prayer whether God will show him the way even if possible he's gonna visit DAGRIN's grave for prayer and after praying on it he will get back to you all...
But is he gonna make the JAPPA HOT CAKE? OR NOT?
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