Audio + Lyrics: Unlimited Grace | @ Sam Prince

Sam prince is a nigerian gospel singer songwriter with multi-talented gift also play instrumental in different big and small churches, like drums , bass guitar, and keyboard. he has a captivating voice on stage charisma. His first album where released in march 2015 " Titled " UNLIMITED GRACE. He  released second album in the month of march 2017 titled "Rain of Glory " he launched its in gateway international church lighthouse he enjoys a huge support on radio stations tv platforms churches and homes. Sam Prince is greatly motivated with the desire to see his songs written and concert inspire the church and the whole worshippers of God. SAM Prince started singing at the age of 14yrs in different local churches he is from Abia State Obingwa L G A  Nigeria, he is a member of gateway international church, (Lead PST George Izunwa) the song was produced by brain sound studio in port harcourt nig. Much love to you all.


God will make you Exceedingly fruitful there,s noting he cannot do
He is I'm that I'm
Oh oh oh ooo
I need your grace oh lord I need your grace
I need your grace oh lord (X3)
Holy spirit of the living God
Unlimited Grace oh ooo (2x)
Your grace speaks louder more than thunder
Your grace surrounds me like a shield
Your grace has lifted me your grace has found me
Mighty God
You're faithful God to me
You never fail
You never change
Mighty God you're; you're
I need your grace
Unlimited Grace all I need
Oh oh
I need your grace
Holy spirit of the living God
I need your grace (3x)
Unlimited Grace all I need
Holy lord I worship your Majesty
Holy lord with my heart I bow and worship/praise oh Lord
I need your grace oh Lord
Unlimited Grace all I need
Produced By Dr Brain
Written By Sam Prince
Release Date July 22, 2018
Recorded At Dr Brain Studios PH City (NIG)

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