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Fast rising music act named ASHIMEDUA ELUEMUNO GABRIEL musically known as Gabtown is one sensation to look out for in the music industry.

In a recent chart with him by our team of journalist ,

 Gabriel aka Gabtown, disclosed that his brand new  single titled "LIKE THIS "
is one hit song every music lover across the glob must listen to .

 The song showcases Gabtown’s dexterity as a rear contemporary afro dog pop  vocalist.

 piling up complex bursts of melody over daceable creative-sharp, shifting grooves.

Gabtown style of music could be sharply linked to american music super star Drake.

The song  technique alone deserves an essay to extol its subtleties .
The voice is as sweet as honey.

Friends, the song is a delightful listen and i urge us all to bask in the unique version of gabtown music style .

Follow gabtown now on:

Facebook:   itzgabrielbankz
Instagram:  i am gabtown
Phone :        08032695037

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