Gospel Song] Arese Daniels – Springtime (Pro by Factory)

Arese Daniel is out again with new inspirational Gospel Song.


Springtime is here
My times are flourishing
I’m bornagain
I’m born to reign and live the higher life
For it’s a brand new day
No better yesterday
For it’s a brand new day
I’m An Overcomer.
Living the Higher life.
I’m more than a Conqueror.
In the atmosphere of miracles .
Nothing can, No one can stop me.
I Spread everywhere I go.
It’s the new life I live in Christ .
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ( 2ce)
Repeat Verse
Repeat Chorus

I’m drenched in the Overflow
I shine everywhere I go
I’m a glorious wonder, Masterpiece
It’s my season to reign
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