[Music] IN MY HEAD - Prospa Obasi Feat Thelma

Nigerian Port Harcourt-based young emerging gospel gospel singer with an angelic voice, a songwriter, recording and energetic performing artiste, Prosper Obasi serves up a brand new soul-lifting single titled “In My Head” featuring the amazing voices of “Thelma”. Produced by “Legend0twenty”.

‘Prosper Obasi’ is a multi-talented praise and worship leader that has great passion for the things of God. She started composing good songs when she was 6years old. She hails from Owerri west, Imo state.
The spirit-filled ballad In My Head” is her first debut single. It’s a powerful worship song that will definitely tune you into the atmosphere of worship. “You’re in my mind / Always on my mind/ Lord have your way / Cause you’re in my mind” – In Her Lyrics!
There is so much you can fill your mind with that really is just stuffing. It is neither good nor bad, as 1 Corinthians 6:12 says, lawful but not helpful. In other words, some things aren’t necessarily wrong, but they aren’t necessary. The Bible tells us to fill our minds with the right things. If you want to be healthy and “successful” in the Christian life and in ministering to others, successful in your ministry, fix your mind on the right things.

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Lord you are bigger than the biggest
Lord you are greater than the greatest
Lord you are higher than the mountains
Lord you are wider than the oceans

Lord I'm open for you
Cause you are my everything
This song is for you Lord my God
Please  come in now and take control
You're bigger than the biggest
Higher than the mountains
You reign

You're in my head
Always in my head
You  take control.. Lord
Cause you're in my head
You're in my mind
Always on my mind
Lord have your way
Cause  you're  in my mind (rpt 2x)

Solo 2
Said I'll think of your love
You're like stars and the sun
Which makes me always come to know
That when we're together you always can say
You're in my head
You're in my head
Repeat chorus 3x

Everybody play as I go by...
But they don't know the flame it's in my heart
Here I go changing out the world
Nobody knows that I was a lonely girl
And it is a lonely world
But lord you're here
You're here for me

Repeat chorus 3x

Lord you bigger than the biggest
Lord you are greater than the greatest
Lord you are wider than the oceans repeat till end

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