Osuka by Omioke Alagbe : Prod. Olakira

Songwriter, graphics designer and  author, Omi Oke Alagbe release a new song titled Osuka.

About the song:  In his own word

I have some family issue, so I had to leave my parents house to my friend, after all this, I just have to put my hope on God and live as I have nobody.

About Artist:
Ọlusegun idowole (born Olusegun idowole; 27 February 1997), better known as Omi oke, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and author. He started recording music in 2017 After doing 3quarter's in peter king college of Music.

This song will definitely bless you 

Lyrisc: Osuka  by Omioke Alagbe : Prod. Olakira
Eni to la a na o
Eni to loni o
Eni to ni igba gbogbo lole lole

I never know
eledumare laso eniyan..
Lokan mi morope mo leniyan
Aye ewa bami gbe,
moni kowa bami gberu mi
Mio mope eniyan ma se e bi eniyan o
 (Ju gbogbo e lo Iwo lejika
Tio ni je keru ye) x2

Eledumare lo ranti eni
Ko se eniyan uhn
Whatever good's that comes my way
Is an expressions of the lord uhn
Beniyan semilore
Madubule ma yin baba loke o
 Aree ajumobi O kan  tanu....
Eni a ran si ni loba ni gberu oo

Hey ma gbagbe mi soko aimokan
Tori aimo kan kan ma pani soko ailogbon..
Iwo De lejika  mi o

Who is man to lean on
Whose breath can be take away eee
Eru timo gbe yi o
Iwo losuka mi oo
Oja gboro gboro ta abiamo fi pomo ni o
You never leave.....
Osuka, osuka o, osuka ni o
Beni o you never fail....
Beniyan jani kule
You will stand by.
Iwo losuka mi o


Just like what I say before
Eledumare lo ranti eni kosé eniyan  ra ra o
Whatever goods that comes my way is
An expression of the lord
 Iwo De losuka ooo

(Back to chorus)
 Malo so ojule kan kan
Tell the story to the people
Pe Iwo lejika ooo
You've never fail
 neither leave your people
Iwo De lejika o osuka o.

The End

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