[Music + Lyrics] NSO - Tochukwu Ibekwe (Mr Tunez)

Nigerian-based Gospel recording artist, worshipper, and prolific songwriter; Tochukwu Ibekwe releases another brand new single titled "NSO" which means " Holy" in Igbo dialect.

NSO (Holy) is a soul-lifting song inspired by the Holy Spirit reminding us of how Sovereign and Holy is our God who seats on THE HIGHEST THRONE... He still decides and rules in the affairs of men till date

Tochukwu Ibekwe is a skillful, soul keyboardist. A music director and worshipper. His love for old melodic worship songs earned him the name Mr Tunez. He is a practicing graduate of Civil Engineering.

As we join the four living creatures and twenty four elders lay down our crowns and troubles in total surrender to the Lord God Almighty(Rev 4:8-10), troubled situations shall bow at His Lordship...

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Agu n'echemba,
Mountain mover,
Way maker
Lekwa ikperem na-ala,
Lion of Judah
Dike dike njikere oo,
Eze kacha eze,
Lekwa ikperem na-ala.

Ndi mmuozi n'eruari
Oke ifufe ne feghari
Ajuo nmuo na gbaghari
Wèé kpor isi-ala nye
To you we raise our worship
Lay our crowns before you
Forever you are Holy
Holy are you Lord

Oke mmuo n'eri oke-aja
We reverence you
You are the mountain mover
Mountain shaker
Hosanna to you

Yes forever you are( Holy)
Righteous you are  (Holy)
Holy you are( Holy Holy are you Lord)

The angels are singing to you oo(Nso)
Prostrate before you oo (Nso)
Forever you are (Nso ka Jehovah di)

In all the earth, all the tribes(Nso)
Prostrate before you oo(Nso)
Hosanna to you(Nso ka Jehovah di)

Ndi okenye, iri abuo na ano( Nso)
Ndi mmuozi si oo(Nso)
Hosanna diri gi oo( Nso ka Jehovah

Oke osisi  n'enye ndu(Nso)
Nmuo ana atu egwu ( Nso)
Hosanna diri gi oo ( Nso ka Jehovah di)

Omenma omenma ee
Ugwu anari atuegwu
Oke nmanwu n'etu onwe ya
Nso Nso Nso

Ndi mmuozi n'eruari oo
Oke ifufe ne feghari
Ajuo mmuo na gbaghari
Wèé kpor isi-ala nye

To you we raise our worship
Lay our crowns before you
Forever you are Holy,
Holy are you Lord
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