Psalmos ft. Gbenga Ileri - Ó'DÉ (Live)

Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artist Psalmos releases a live recording song titled  "Ó'DÉ ", which means He’s Come featuring Gbenga Ileri.This powerful song was recorded live on stage during JESUS REIGNS CONCERT with Psalmos.
When Jesus comes into that situation, everything changes. O’DE (He’s Come) is a song of prayers and assurance of what JESUS has come to do in our lives. Romans 10:13: For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
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Song Lyrics
O'DE {HE's Come}
(He's come)
Olugbala de
(The Saviour has come)
O'de o
(Oh He's come)
Al'ade wura de
(The one with the Golden Crown has come)
Alagbara julo
(The most powerful)
On'ibu Ore
(God whose barn is full of blessings)
Akiri s'ore
(He who goes about, doing good)
El'eyinju Ina,
(The Good with the eyes of fire)
(The Almighty)
Ase'ba fun O
(We worship You)
Verse 1:
Rev 12:10
Oun rara mo gbo o o
(And I heard a loud voice)
Lati Orun, wipe
(saying in heaven)
nigbayi ni'gbala de ati agbara
(Now is come salvation, and strength,)
Ati le olufisun jade
(For the accuser of our brethren is cast down,)
Tin f'ejo wa sun
(which accused them)
 N'iwaju Oluwa
(Before our God)
L' osan ati l'oru
(Day and night.)
We're victorious
By the blood of the Lamb
And our testimonies
Do do do do
Oh oh oh oh
Come unto Him
All ye that labor
He will give you rest
So open up your heart
Verse 2:
Toba de o /2x
(When He Comes)
Toba de o
(Oh when He Comes)
Aso'ro re d'ayo
(He'll turn your matter to Joy)
Adun Oluwa, awole wa o
(The Lord's Sweetness will come in)
Odaju, ikoro yio jade
(Certainly, betterness will exit)
Orin, Ope /5x o
(Songs of/ Thanksgiving)
Koma ni tan lenu wa
(Won't finish in mouth)

For the God that lives
And never dies
Will turn your life around
And turn your sorrows
And your mourning
Into dancing.
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