Music: Imole (Light) – Tabitha Feranmi


Tabitha Feranmi, a dazzling new star in Nigerian gospel music, has triumphed over rejection and hardships to bless the world with her incredible talent. Despite past setbacks, Tabitha’s unwavering passion for music led her to shine brightly on social media.

Her relentless dedication has finally borne fruit with the release of her stunning new song “Imole,” which means “Light” in Yoruba.

“Imole” is an uplifting and spiritual masterpiece that beautifully highlights Tabitha’s soulful voice and inspiring lyrics. This enchanting track is a true testament to Tabitha’s resilience and determination, set to touch hearts and inspire listeners of all ages.

With such immense talent and spirit, Tabitha Feranmi is undoubtedly headed for greatness. We’re thrilled to witness your journey unfold! Congratulations on your brilliant new release, Tabitha!

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